Pet of the Week



 jamieJAMIE - 

Hi there, I'm Jamie! I'd sure love to play with you! Do you have a laser pointer? I'd love to chase that dot all over the walls. Is there a mouse under that carpet, or is that a stick you're moving under there? I don't care - that's still my favorite game ever! I also play a great game of jingle ball. After I get all played out, I love to snuggle up in a nice bed and "knead" and purr while you pet me. I'd love it if you'd come to meet me. You see, I'm really a lone kitty kind of a girl, and living in this place with all these other cats is really a bummer for me. When you meet me, please understand I need to take a few minutes to patrol the room and check on all the other cat smells there before we start to play. Once you take me home where I can be the only cat around, I'll be just as happy as can be! Please come out to play with me. Ask for Jamie.



I am the lovely Linda! I'm a golden girl who is tiny in size but big-hearted with all my affection, spunk, and personality. Just look at my ears and my hairdo! I love walks and any sort of attention. Come by my kennel, and you'll see my tail wagging at warp speed. I can hardly stand still when I see a friendly person. That's how excited I am to get to know you. My complete history is unknown, but let's be clear on one thing -- I don't like cats! Sorry, but it's true. And I get along with other dogs, but I'm quick to be the alpha female and correct any behavior I don't like. Linda is top dog! For those same reasons, I will do best with kids over the age of five. I enjoy walks and the obstacle equipment around the shelter; my confidence is pretty high for such a little dog in a big world! I could probably be taught some pretty fancy tricks, if you have the inclination. I hope to meet a doting owner who can keep me looking divine in my senior years, and take me to all the socialite parties where I can be the purse-pooch star of the show.