Pet of the Week



LEO is a regal name for a very handsome and regal boy. Our Leo is still a little impulsive - so his adopter should be willing to make sure he is enrolled in obedience classes to learn the finer points of good manners! Because he is still rather young, keeping him exercised will help to provide a good foundation for good behaviors to build upon. Leo seems to exhibit appropriate reactions to cats and he wasn't concerned about the other dog he met. Because he still is somewhat "unmannered" and apprehensive about some physical handling, we feel he would be more comfortable if any children he live with be older than 8 years old. Leo would be a great companion for someone who likes an active lifestyle. To learn more, please call (717) 564-3320 or visit

HELENA came to the shelter in May 2013. She is about 10 years old. Helena is a very sweet and loving girl who loves to rub and head butt new people to look for head scratches and neck rubs. She has a beautiful soft purr and sometimes gives kisses. Generally a quiet and easy going girl, Helena also enjoys playing, especially chasing feather toys. Helena will make a great addition to any home. Since Helena is over 5 years old, she is eligible for the Mature Pets for Mature People program. For more information, visit To learn more, please call (717) 564-3320 or visit