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 prini cookiePRINI COOKIE - 

Howdy! My name's Prini Cookie, but my friends call me Princess. Do you need a cuddly snugglebug with a heart of gold? I'm the girl for you! I love to cuddle up in your lap and purrrrr while you pet my neck. I'll even sit on your chest and give you a hug and purr in your ear. Do you want to play? I'm game! I love to chase the laser pointer dot all around the room or swat at feathers. I'm a young, vibrant 13 year old looking for lots of playtime and cuddles from you! I'm easy to get along with too. I'll let you brush me and trim my nails. I'm even front declawed.

You might be asking yourself - how did such a wonderful girl as myself come to be in a shelter? Well, I came here with my sisters when our mom couldn't take care of us anymore. My sisters all found their homes, so now I'm waiting for you to come take me home. I've lived my whole life with other cats, so I can join a family of other cats if you like. I do love to be the “top cat” in my home, so you'll want to take it slow as I get used to your home, and other cats in my home will need to be willing to let me rule the roost. I'd also love to have you all to myself if you'd rather.

I'd love to come home with you soon! Let's get our new lives together started ASAP! Ask for Prini Cookie.

Guess what? If you are 60 years or older, HSHA provides significant adoption fee discounts. My adoption fee would be free! For more information, go to



Hi future family! My name is Experience, and although I came in as a stray, I've clearly had experience as a pet, because I know how to “shake” and “sit” and I'm well-mannered on a walk. Someone took the time to train me at one point, and I hope that a new someone will continue my education, because I'm bright, attentive, and love working for treats and praise. I'm a lovely girl who has a dusty brindled coat and a long splash of white across my face, as well as charming golden eyes. Please come meet me!